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These are protist producers
a) fung b) algae c) d)
What are mobile protists called?
a) protozoans b) paramecia c) foraminiferans d) radiolarians
This controls the functions of a ciliate's cell.
a) diatoms b) macronucleus c) d)
All types of algae have what color pigment
a) red b) blue c) green d) brown
These have shells that contain a glasslike substance called silica.
a) diatom b) flagella c) d)
When scientists divide protists into producers, heterotrophs that can move, and heterotrophs that cannot move, how are they grouping the protists?
a) by their shared traits b) by their size c) by their color d) by where they live
These are tiny, hairlike structures.
a) silicon b) cilia c) d)
These have snail-like shells.
a) foraminiferans b) macronucleus c) d)
Which of the following provides most of the world's oxygen?
a) seaweed b) amoebas c) zooflagellates d) phytoplankton
These are the whiplike strands on dinoflagellates.
a) micronucleus b) macronucleus c) d)
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