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What type of reaction involves the transfer of electrons?
a) Distillation b) Etherification c) Accentricity d) Reduction-Oxidation (redox)
What charge do uncombined elements have?
a) -1 b) 0 c) 2 d) 42
What happens to the oxidation number of the species that is oxidized?
a) It increases b) It decreases c) It remains the same d) Uh, I like tacos
What happens to the oxidation number of the species that is reduced?
a) It increases b) It remains the same c) It is multiplied by two d) It decreases
In a redox reaction, what term is used to describe the ions that do not change charge in the reaction?
a) Acids b) Spectator ions c) Bases d) Salts
If the oxidation state of a species changes from 0 before a redox reaction to 2 after the reaction, what happened to it?
a) It was decomposed b) It was a spectator ion c) It gained 2 electrons d) It lost 2 electrons
To balance a net ionic reaction, what must be the same on both sides?
a) The spectator ions b) The amount of water c) The net charge d) The number of acids
Table J is the Activity Series that show the activity of metals and nonmetals. For metals, being active means that they are more likely to be
a) Reduced b) Decomposed c) Oxidized d) Synthesized
What direction do electrons flow in a voltaic cell?
a) Cathode to anode b) Anode to cathode c) Load to anode d) Salt bridge to cathode
Where does oxidation occur in a voltaic cell?
a) Cathode b) Anode c) Salt bridge d) Load
Where does reduction occur in a voltaic cell?
a) Cathode b) Anode c) Salt bridge d) Load
What flows through the salt bridge in a voltaic cell?
a) Anodes b) Cathodes c) Ions d) Ions
What increases in size while a voltaic cell is running?
a) Anode b) Ions c) Cathode d) Electrons
What can a flow of electrons be used to power in a voltaic cell?
a) Cathode b) Anode c) Oxode d) Load
What process can be used to separate highly reactive elements from their compounds?
a) Ionization b) Electrolysis c) Voltaic cell d) Filtration
The existence of a power source indicates that what type of cell is being used?
a) Electrolytic b) Voltaic c) Analytic d) Criminal
What process uses an electric current to plate the surface of a less active metal with a more active metal?
a) Fractional distillation b) Evaporation c) Evolution d) Electroplating
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