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Which branch of government can declare war?
a) national legislative b) national executive c) federal judicial d) federal executive
The U.S. Constitution defines the powers of the branches in Articles I, II and III. What concept is this an example of?
a) separation of powers b) federalism c) rule of law d) dictatorship
Cabinet officers, federal agencies and regulatory groups help _____.
a) the President execute laws b) Congress carry out laws c) the Governor carry out laws d) Congress make laws
Each of the 3 branches of government limits the exercise of power by the other two branches. What concept is this an example of?
a) checks and balances b) rule of law c) federalism d) judicial review
Which kind of powers are used to carry out expressed powers?
a) implied powers b) concurrent powers c) reserved powers d) denied powers
Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of the national government?
a) promote safety and public health b) conduct foreign policy c) regulate commerce and trade d) provide for the common defense
Which of the following acts as the Commander in Chief of the national armed forces?
a) President b) Congress c) Supreme Court d) Governor
Ms. Stanton meet with our state senators to try and get a new law passed to outlaw Science SOL tests. What was Ms. Stanton doing?
a) lobbying government officials b) making political contributions c) identifying tax issues d)
Which of the following is NOT a local elected official?
a) city manager b) sheriff c) clerk of the court d) treasurer
Which of the following is NOT a primary issue in the legislative process on the state level?
a) foreign policy b) education c) public health d) state budget
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