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compensate you for your time
a) reimburse b) leeway c) gory d) induce
the guitar player's rigid bones
a) amiable b) boisterous c) conserve d) limber
no choice but to depart the cabin
a) debut b) agenda c) vacate d) partisan
when he saw the gruesom spectacle
a) gory b) gross c) induce d) blight
an eyesore hidden behind thick shrubs
a) gross b) induce c) blight d) clarity
known for being a docile pet
a) compliant b) vagabond c) partisan d) oracle
a hobo who hopped freight trains
a) compliant b) reimburse c) agenda d) vagabond
enough latitude for a beginner to succeed
a) reimburse b) clarity c) induce d) leeway
can't rely on their biased viewpoint
a) oracle b) maze c) agenda d) partisan
following a tangle of clues
a) maze b) clarity c) gory d) blight
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