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Which of the following is an example of judicial review?
a) Obama nominates a new Supreme Court justice b) A court finds a man guilty without a trial c) The Supreme Court declares a law unconstitutional d) The Senate approves Obama's nomination
What is the purpose of the preamble of the Constitution?
a) To declare independence from England b) To limit the power of the king c) To list the goals of the government d) To declare war with France
Which of the following is NOT a power of the state governments?
a) coin money b) issue drivers licenses c) hold election d) create schools
What was the Supreme Court's decision in Baker v. Carr?
a) The Supreme Court has the power of judicial review b) Seperate but equal is constitutional c) Everyone has the right to a lawyer d) Everyone's vote must count equally
Which problem at the constitutional convention did a bicameral legislature solve?
a) taxation b) representation in Cogress c) power of the national government d) slavery
What is the main function of third parties?
a) select successful presidential candidates b) conduct elections at the state level c) create new solutions to problems ignored by the major parties d) provide funding for the major political parties
What is the main function of the major political parties?
a) nominate candidates b) ensure there is no corruption in politics c) serve as a watchdog d) advise the president
How many electoral votes are needed to win the presidency/Electoral College
a) 200 b) 250 c) 270 d) 365
What do the Texas and US Congress have in common?
a) They are both bicameral b) They both meet each year c) They both have 535 members d) They both meet in Washington DC
Which of the following is NOT a constitutional requirement to be a member of the US House of Representatives?
a) 25 years old b) college educated c) citizen for 7 years d) live in the state
Which of the following is a step in the amendment process?
a) President signs the amedment into law b) The Supreme Court declares the amendment constitutional c) The Senate approves the amendment with a simple majority d) 3/4ths of state legisslatures ratify the amendment
What is the main goal of interest groups?
a) to stage rallies in front of the Supreme Court b) to lobby Congress for changes in laws c) to nominate candidates for President d) to conduct research on laws
If the president discusses trade with the President of Russia, which role of the presidency is he fulfilling?
a) Chief Legislator b) Commander in Chief c) Chief of State d) Chief Diplomat
What was the Supreme Court's ruling in Marbury v. Madison?
a) Everyone's vote should count equally b) The Supreme Court has the power of judicial review c) Seperate but equal is unconstitutional d) Everyone has the right to an attorney
What was the Supreme Court's ruling in Schenck v. United States?
a) People have the right to practice different religions b) The Supreme Court has the power of judicial review c) Free speech can be limited if what you say is dangerous d) Everyone's vote must be counted equally
Where do most Supreme Court cases come from?
a) cases appealed from lower courts b) cases selected by the president c) cases that involve the 6th amendment d) cases that are selected by Congress
What is the term for a system of government that divides lawmaking ability between one national and many local governments?
a) unitary b) monarchy c) confederation d) federal
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