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PoE stands for:
a) Power over Ethernet b) Point of Ethernet c) Power of Electricity d) Point of Electricity
Which of these standards uses two frequencies?
a) 802.11n b) 802.11a c) 802.11b d) 802.11g
Which of these standards has a speed of 5 Mbps?
a) 802.11b b) 802.11a c) 802.11g d) 802.11n
Which of these is NOT a good recommendation when setting up a WAP?
a) Broadcast the SSID b) Add a password c) Select a standard that maximizes compatability d) Limit the range
Scope is:
a) The range of IP addresses used by a DHCP b) The length of time an IP address can be used by a device c) The range of a WAP d) The name of a SSID
Another name for HomeBase is:
a) Broadband over powerline b) Power over broadband c) A monitoring service provided by ISPs d) Broadband over Ethernet
Which of these is affected by weather?
a) Satellite b) Cable c) DSL d) Fiber
Which of these is affected by the number of similar users in the same area?
a) DSL b) Satellite c) Fiber d) Cellular
Which of these networks uses twisted cables?
a) 100BaseT b) 100BaseFX c) 10GBaseSR d) 10GBaseLR
Fire-resistant cables are called:
a) Plenum b) Crossover c) Fiber d) Ethernet
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