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What´s the name of the planet where we live?
a) Earth b) Venus c) Mars d) Ground
What´s the name of the star Earth goes round?
a) Sirius b) Sun c) Antares d) Betelgeuse
What´s the name of the clothes astronauts wear?
a) Fancy dress b) Spacesuit c) Dungarees d) Space shuttle
What´s the instrument astronomers use to see distant stars?
a) Camera b) Glasses c) Binoculars d) Telescope
Another name for a space traveller is
a) A pirate b) An astronomer c) An astronaut d) A alien
A piece of a celestial body is
a) A meteor b) Rubbish c) Moon d) A star
A place where you can learn about space is a
a) Theatre b) Cinema c) Planetarium d) Stadium
They are in the sky. Sometimes they´re white and sometimes they are grey.
a) Clouds b) Stars c) Planets d) Meteors
It keeps us on Earth.
a) A telescope b) The Sun c) A meteor d) Gravity
It is the only satelite of Earth.
a) The Sun b) The Moon c) Venus d) A planet
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