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Waves in which the particles of the medium move only in the same direction as the motion of the wave are ____ waves.
a) transverse b) compressional or longitudinal c) seismic d) stadium
A tuning fork starts to vibrate when a certain note is played on the piano. This is an example ofВ ____.
a) resonance b) diffraction c) refraction d) reflection
When the crest of one wave passes through the trough of another wave, ____ takes place.
a) resonance b) diffraction c) constructive interference d) destructive interference
If you are lying on a raft, and you notice that the number of waves that go past the raft increases, you also find that the distance between each crest ____.
a) increases b) decreases c) remains the same d) spreads out
For a given wave, if the frequency doubles, the wavelength ____.
a) doubled b) stays the same c) is halved d) quadrupled
Wave A carries more energy than wave B. Wave B has a smaller ____ than wave A.
a) frequency b) amplitude c) wavelength d) speed
You can see this paper, your desk, and the person in front of you because light is being ____.
a) absorbed b) refracted c) reflected d) diffracted
energy a wave carries is measured by its ____.
a) wavelength b) amplitude c) speed d) frequency
Seismic waves are ____ waves.
a) transverse b) compressional c) uniform d) both transverse and compressional
When you squeeze together the coils of a spring and then release them, you are creating a ____ wave.
a) transverse b) compressional c) water d) seismic
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