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How much of the world’s current levels of acid rain originates in human actions such as the burning of fossil fuels?
a) more than 95 percent b) almost half c) acid rain is a purely natural phenomenon d) 10 percent
Which best explains why photochemical smog is a bigger problem in large cities?
a) people in large cities care less about the environment b) most large cities have airports c) there are more motor vehicles that travel through large cities d) the climate in large cities is constantly changing
In which layer of the atmosphere does weather occur?
a) thermosphere b) mesosphere c) stratosphere d) troposphere
In which part of the atmosphere do satellites orbit making it possible for us to watch live television?
a) ionosphere b) exosphere c) troposphere d) mesosphere
The air around a high pressure area circulates
a) clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere b) counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere c) clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere d) In either direction regardless of hemisphere
Why does the troposphere experience the greatest amount of atmospheric pressure compared to the other layers?
a) it produces the ozone layer b) it has the highest temperatures c) it contains a high concentration of gas particles d) it is the region in which weather occurs
What weather conditions will most likely occur when there is a drop in barometric pressure?
a) sunny weather b) stormy weather c) calm weather d) hot weather
Which layer of the atmosphere is an airplane in when it his cursing at 40,000 feet in the air
a) troposphere b) stratosphere c) ozonosphere d) chemosphere
The ozone layer in the stratosphere protects our planets and its inhabitants from:
a) chlorofluorocarbons b) radon c) temperature inversion d) ultraviolet B radiation
Which of the following contribute to global warming by trapping heat near the Earth’s surface?
a) CFCs b) point source pollutants c) greenhouse gases d) nonpoint source pollutants
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