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What is the Big Bang?
a) The explosion that caused the current Universe b) Process planet formation c) The explosion that originated the Solar System d) The process of star formation
What is the Universe?
a) All Stars in the world b) All matter exists c) All the energy that exists d) All matter and energy that exists
Our Galaxy is called:
a) Magallanes b) Local Group c) Andromeda d) Milky way
Stars are likeky to attract even their own light are called
a) Neutron Stars b) Greedy c) Black holes d) Red Giants
What determines the color of stars?
a) From the initial mass b) From its speed c) From age d) In fusion reactions
What name given figures that form stars in the sky?
a) Solstices b) Constellations c) Stations d) Galaxies
Solar System components are:
a) Sun, planets, satellites, asteroids and comets b) Stars, nebulae and galaxies c) Matter, energy and vacuum d) Sun and planets
The movement by which a planet goes around its axis, give name:
a) Translating b) Orbit c) Circulation d) Rotation
Seasons are caused by
a) The movement of Earth in its orbit b) the remoteness or proximity to the Sun c) The gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon d) The tilt of Earth´s axis
In addition to the Earth, What other planet there may be liquid water?
a) Mercury b) Venus c) Neptune d) Mars
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