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Where do American Indians live today?
a) nowhere, they are extinct b) in their homelands and many other areas of North America c) in the desert areas of North America d) in the upper regions of Canada
___ inhabited present-day Alaska and northern Canada.
a) Inuit b) Iroquios c) Pueblo d) Lakota
___ homeland includes the Pacific Northwest coast.
a) Iroquois b) Kwakiutl c) Lakota d) Pueblo
The ___ people inhabited the interior of the United States, called the Great Plains.
a) Lakota b) Iroquios c) Kwakiutl d) Pueblo
___ tribes inhabited the Southwest in present-day New Mexico and Arizona.
a) Lakota b) Pueblo c) Iriquios d) Kwakiutl
The ___ homeland includes northeast North America, called the Eastern Woodlands.
a) Lakota b) Kwakiutl c) Inuit d) Iroquois
The ___ homeland is characterized by dry grasslands
a) Iroquois b) Inuit c) Lakota d) Kwakiutl
___ lived in desert areas and areas bordering cliffs and mountains.
a) Pueblo b) Inuit c) Lakota d) Iroquois
They lived in Arctic areas where the temperature is below freezing much of the year.
a) Iroquois b) Lakota c) Inuit d) Kwakiutl
The climate of the ___ homeland is characterized by a rainy, mild climate.
a) Lakota b) Kwakiutl c) Inuit d) Iroquois
The area the ___ tribe lives in is heavily forested.
a) Iroquois b) Lakota c) Pueblo d) Inuit
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