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Which question cannot be answered scientifically because the quantity cannot actually be measured?
a) How much food does a water buffalo consume in one day? b) How happy is a chimpanzee when it finds its favorite food? c) How heavy is a mature female elephant? d) How fast can a tiger swallowtail butterfly fly?
Which of these would be measured to determine the density of the polar bear population in Canada?
a) The total number of bears seen per day b) The number of bears per square kilometer c) The total number of bears minus the juvenile bears d) The mass of the bears at the Arctic Circle
A scientist designed an experiment to test the effect of temperature on bacterial growth. He grew three different cultures of the bacterium E. coli under three heat lamps at different temperatures. What was the independent variable in this experiment
a) Number of bacteria b) Temperature c) Reproduction rate d) Length of the experiment
Data about the climate in an ecosystem were collected for 30 years. Which hypothesis about a population of eagles could be made based on the climate data collected?
a) Eagle chick survival is directly related to annual rainfall amounts. b) An outbreak of disease in 1987 killed 82% of the eagle population. c) Eagles remain with the same mate throughout their lifetime. d) Mortality of eagles from pesticides after 1992 was less than 5%.
A student’s experiment showed that earthworms move away from light. This statement should be classified as —
a) a prediction b) a hypothesis c) an inference d) a conclusion
In an experiment, the height of several plants was recorded daily in millimeters. Which tool would be the most accurate and appropriate for this measurement?
a) Metric ruler b) Graduated cylinder c) Digital scale d) Yardstick
A biology class of 24 students decides to measure the height of each student and then calculate the average height for the class. Which of these is a possible source of error in this activity?
a) The total number of students in the class b) The number of males and females in the class c) The difference in the ages of the students in the class d) The accuracy of making and recording measurements
A student wanted to study the effect of temperature on algae levels in a local stream. Which items are most useful for gathering data and most appropriate for communicating the results of her observations?
a) Microscopes and written descriptions of weather patterns b) Research on the Internet and videotapes of water samples c) pH strips and written observations of stream water d) Test tubes, thermometers, and graphs of results
A student wanted to look at plant growth in five different soil samples. He planted the same type of seeds under identical conditions and charged their growth. What is the IV in this experiment?
a) Light b) Container c) Seeds d) Soil
Orchids were studied to determine if the amount of humidity affected the flowering of these plants. Which of these was the independent variable in this study?
a) The number of flowers on each plant b) The amount watered c) The length of time required for flowering d) The percentage of humidity
Which sentence best states the importance of using control groups?
a) Control groups allow comparison between subjects receiving a treatment and those receiving no treatment. b) Control groups eliminate the need for statistical tests and simplify calculations. c) Control groups provide a method by which statistical variability can be reduced. d) Control groups eliminate the need for large sample sizes, reducing the number of measurements needed.
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