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Who painted the Mona Lisa?
a) William Turner b) Picasso c) Leonardo da Vinci d) Raphael
Is the Guernica a
a) painting? b) sculpture? c) print? d) building?
How many are the pyramides of Giza?
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
The David is a very renkown sculture; who did it?
a) Dali b) Michelangelo c) Pisano d) Aristotle
Whisch kind of flower Vincent van Gogh painted the most frequently?
a) roses b) sunflowers c) magnolias d) lilies
In which city is located the church of Saint Peter of Rome
a) Rome b) London c) Paris d) The Vatican
in which century the Big Ben was built ?
a) XIX b) XIV c) XV d) XVIII
In which country is located the Taj Mahal?
a) Japan b) Italy c) France d) India
Who wrote Hamlet?
a) Miguel de Cervantes b) William Turner c) Willian Shakespeare d) Francis Bacon
Which artist was known in his last years for painting water lilies?g
a) Monet b) Manet c) Degas d) Courbet
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