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What is the area of land that collects rain and directs it to streams and rivers called?
a) landscape b) watershed c) runoff d) erosion
Which of the following is an ecosystem?
a) All the populations of species that live in the same habitat and interact with each other b) A community of organisms and their abiotic environment c) An area where organisms live, or habitat d) Living features in the environment
What is the area of land that collects rain and directs it to streams and rivers called?
a) Watershed b) Landscape c) Runoff d) Erosion
Which organism is a decomposer?
a) Ant b) Chipmunk c) Pine tree d) Bacteria
Which of the following is a renewable resource?
a) Wood b) Coal c) Oil d) Aluminum
What is reducing the use of materials, in order to preserve them, called?
a) Recycling b) Conservation c) Landfill d) Renewable resources
Out of all the water found on Earth, how much is available as fresh water for human consumption?
a) Less than 1% b) 3% c) 21% d) 71%
Which of the following is an example of groundwater?
a) An aquifer b) A lake c) A river d) An ocean
What is the ability of water to pass through soil particles called?
a) Acidity b) Permeability c) Weathering d) Erosion
Which of the following statements is the best reason why soil is such an important natural resource?
a) Soil is used to make pottery b) Soil is packed together to make bedrock c) Soil is used to grow the world's food crops d) Soil makes good foundations for buildings
The carrying capacity in an ecosystem for a species is the maximum number of which of these?
a) Species surviving b) Species moving away c) Species born d) Species moving in
What is the type of organism that breaks down the cells of dead organisms?
a) Decomposer b) Consumer c) Producer d) Omnivore
Amounts of available water, food, and shelter represent what part of population growth?
a) Population density b) Climax community c) Limiting factors d) Carrying capacity
What is the name of a model that shows all the feeding relationships in an ecosystem?
a) Habitat b) Food chain c) Food web d) Biosphere
The largest level of an energy pyramid is made up of what type of feeder?
a) Producers b) Consumers c) Herbivores d) Omnivores
Which of the following is an abiotic factor that most organisms need to survive?
a) Air b) Rocks c) Grass d) Niche
Which of the following is a biotic factor?
a) Water b) A rotting log c) Temperature d) Sunlight
Which of the following is a renewable resource?
a) oil b) wood c) aluminum d) coal
What is the organic material found in soil known as?
a) topsoil b) parent material c) bedrock d) humus
There are 4 different types of soil material. What is the correct order in grain size from smallest to largest?
a) clay, silt, sand, gravel b) gravel, silt, clay, sand c) clay, sand, silt, gravel d) silt, clay, sand, gravel
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