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Why is Capulet upset with his daughter?
a) She refuses to marry Paris. b) She married Romeo without his permission. c) She is talking back to him and otherwise being rude d)
Juliet will be buried alive.
a) False b) True c) d)
Who will tell Romeo the plan?
a) A fast friar b) Friar Lawrence c) Juliet d) Nurse
Who kills Tybalt?
a) Romeo b) Mercutio c) Benvolio d) Prince Escalus
Which of the following is NOT one of Juliet's fears about taking the potion?
a) She is afraid she will wake up with no memories. b) She is afraid she will wake up early. c) She is afraid it is really a poison. d) She is afraid nothing will happen and she'll have to marry Paris.
Who comes up with the idea of taking the potion?
a) Friar Lawrence b) Juliet c) Romeo d) Nurse
Romeo is banished to...
a) Mantua b) Verona c) Rome d) Milan
Who discovers Juliet's body?
a) Nurse b) Lady Capulet c) Romeo d) Paris
Who is killed in the brawl at the start of Act 3?
a) Tybalt and Mercutio b) Mercutio and Paris c) Tybalt and Benvolio d) Benvolio and Mercutio
Juliet is dead at the end of Act 4
a) False b) True c) d)
How long will the effects of the potion last?
a) 42 hours b) 24 hours c) 4 hours d) 48 hours
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