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South Carolina University established to help farmers?
a) USC b) Clemson c) Winthrop d) College of Charleston
Established separate but equal and the separation of races?
a) Elmore v. Rice b) Dred Scott v. Sanford c) Marbury v. Madison d) Plessy v. Ferguson
What indicated many young South Carolina men were unfit for service during WWI amd WWII
a) They could not read or write and poverty strickened b) They were not mature enough to join the army. c) They did not have the right military training. d) They prefered working in factory jobs to support their families.
Automobiles helped to boost which industry during the 1920's?
a) Textiles b) Tourism c) Meatpacking d) Oil Refineries
The boll weevil affected South Carolina farmers in what way?
a) The boll weevil acted as fertilizers and helped cotton production. b) The boll weevil destroyed over half over farmers' cotton crop. c) d)
The purpose of the New Deal was to:
a) Retaliate against Japan for Pearl Harbor b) Achieve Civil Rights for African Americans c) Provide economic relief from the Great Depression d) Provide a peace treaty between the U.S. and Germany
The CCC did which of the following?
a) Established voting requirements for blacks. b) Put young men to work on environmental projects. c) Provided electricity to rural areas. d) Established labor unions for textile workers.
What put an end to the Great Depression?
a) World War II b) The Stock Market Crash of 1929 c) The New Deal d) The Bombing of Pearl Harbor
Earned the distinguished flying cross for their bravery during WWII.
a) Doolittle Raiders b) Tuskegee Airmen c) Tokyo Raiders d) Friendship Nine
Led an attack on Tokyo in response to the Pearl Harbor attack.
a) Tuskegee Airmen b) Tokyo Bombers c) Doolittle Raiders d) Friendship Nine
The GI Bill did which of the following?
a) Provided veterans educational and employment benefits. b) Provided African Americans with food, clothing and shelter c) Provide women with factory jobs during WWII. d)
Organization established to challenge discriminatory laws during the Civil Rights Movement.
Law suit by parents in Clarendon County for school buses
a) Elmore v. Rice b) Plessy v. Ferguson c) Briggs v. Elliot d) Brown v. Board of Education
Matthew Perry, Modjeska Simkins and Septima Clark were all:
a) Members of the Dixiecrat party b) Supporters of Strom Thurmond c) Civil Rights Leaders d) Black fighter pilots during WWI
SC Senator who strongly opposed the desegregation of public schools
a) John F. Kennedy b) Richard Nixon c) Matthew Perry d) Strom Thurmond
Which describes the purpose of No Child Left Behind?
a) Established an educational system based on accountability and state standards b) Established separate but equal facilities for black and white students, c) Established desegregation of public schools in the state. d) Established a scholarship for students excelling in the arts.
What has been SC's political party affiliation for the past 50 years?
a) Democratic b) Republican c) Libertarian d) Dixiecrat
What replaced cotton as a valuable cash crop in SC in late 1950's?
a) Tobacco b) Wheat c) Rice d) Indigo
A political battle between the US and Russia during the late 1900's was called the:
a) Persian Gulf War b) WWII c) Great War d) Cold War
South Carolina's economy has become more industrial in the last 60 years as a result of:
a) Mercantilism b) Equalization c) Mechanization d) Slavery
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