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What was a compromise reached between the north and the south regarding slavery?
a) Missouri Compromise b) Nebraska Compromise c) 1/2 Compromise d) All of them
Who has the final say in matters of interpreting the Constitution?
a) President b) Senate c) The House of Representatives d) Supreme Court
Which amendment protects voting rights in the United States?
a) 14th b) 15th c) 13th d) 1st
Which of the following words does not appear in the Constitution?
a) The b) Slave c) Executive d) All of them
Which amendment is known as the 2nd Bill of Rights?
a) 13th b) 14th c) 15th d) 19th
How can a ruling by the Supreme court be overturned?
a) Both b) An amendment c) A new decision in a case d) None of them
Which court case ended legal segregation in schools?
a) Plessy v. Ferguson b) Bakke v. California c) Brown v. Board of Education d) Dred Scott v. Illinois
What are actions that are taken to make up from past acts of discrimination and racism?
a) Affirmative Action b) Segregation c) Integration d) Constitutionalize
Which court case established the principle of separate but equal?
a) Dred Scott v. Illinois b) Plessy v. Ferguson c) Brown v. Board of Education d) Dred Scott v. Illinois
Who was a civil rights lawyer who helped bring an end to segregation in public schools?
a) Linda Brown b) Thurgood Marshall c) James Madison d) Dred Scott
Which amendment ended legal slavery in the United States?
a) 13th b) 19th c) 15th d) 14th
Which amendment protected a woman's right to vote?
a) 24th b) 19th c) 15th d) 1st
During what time period would way say that there was a Civil Rights movement?
a) 1950's b) 1960's c) 1970's d) 1980's
Which of the following words means the right to vote?
a) Suffrage b) Patronage c) Election d) Candidacy
What is a fee charged for voting?
a) Property Tax b) Capital Gains Tax c) Income Tax d) Poll Tax
What principal states that people should be treated fairly, but not exactly equal?
a) Miranda Rights b) Ipso Facto c) De Jure d) Equal Protection
Which amendment ended the practice of poll tax in the United States?
a) 13th b) 14th c) 15th d) 24th
What is the separation of blacks and whites in public places such as hotels, restaurants, and public transportation?
a) Segregation b) Integration c) Alienation d) All of them
Why did some people argue against slavery being put in the Constitution?
a) They thought it was not fair to the slaves b) They were worried about the power the south would have c) They never talked about it d) All of them
What is the legal age for voting in the United States?
a) 21 b) 18 c) 17 d) None of them
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