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These mammals have a single pair of long, curved incisor teeth and include mice, rats, moles, squirrels, beaver and gophers.
a) Lagomorphs b) Rodents c) Carnivores d) Xenarthrans
These mammals have simple teeth or no teeth. Examples of these include sloths, anteaters, and armadillos.
a) Insectivores b) Xenarthrans c) Lagomorphs d) Chiropterans
Hoofed mammals that have odd number of toes and include horses, tapirs, rhinoceros, and zebras.
a) Carnivores b) Artiodactyls c) Lagomorphs d) Perissodactyls
These are winged mammals that include bats.
a) Cetaceans b) Rodents c) Lagomorphs d) Chiropterans
These mammals live in the ocean but have to come up to breath and include whales and dolphins.
a) Sirenians b) Cetaceans c) Carnivores d) Xenarthrans
These mammals have two pairs of incisors and include hares and rabbits
a) Lagomorphs b) Rodents c) Xenarthrans d) Chiropterans
Hooved mammals that have an even number of toes. Include cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and giraffes
a) Lagomorphs b) Perissodactyls c) Xenarthrans d) Artiodactyls
These mammals have narrow snouts and claws for digging. Examples include shrews, hedgeghogs and moles.
a) Rodents b) Carnivores c) Insectivores d) Xenarthrans
These mammals are herbivores that live in rivers and bays. Examples include manatees and dugongs
a) Cetaceans b) Sirenians c) Chiropterans d) Insectivores
These mammals stalk and kill their prey and include lions, and tigers and bears, oh my
a) Carnivores b) Lagomorphs c) Primates d) Chiropterans
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