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What is interesting about snake caterpillars?
a) They look like very small snakes b) They are very dangerous c) The females are very big d) They don't have a face
What do leafy sea dragons eat?
a) fish b) bananas c) plankton and crustaceans d) poutine
Where can you find the blobfish?
a) in the desert b) in the ocean c) in a shallow lake d) in your cereals
Where can you find star-nose moles?
a) US and Canada b) Japan c) Australia d) Europe
What does the satanic leaf-tailed gecko look like?
a) branches and tree leaves b) flowers c) a snake d) a caterpillar
How long is the male blanket octopus?
a) 1 m long b) 2 m long c) 30 cm long d) 4-5 cm long
What does the olm's body look like?
a) a leaf b) a stick c) a fish d) a snake
How long is the female blanket octopus?
a) 1 m long b) 2 m long c) 30 cm long d) 4-5 cm long
How long is the satanic leaf-tailed gecko?
a) 6-15 cm long b) 6-15 cm large c) 3-5 cm long d) 30 cm large
Which animal can you find in Madagascar?
a) star-nose moles b) snake caterpillar c) softshell turtle d) aye ayes
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