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Tener. Changes to what
a) Tu b) Ti c) Te d) Tuv
Only j stems have what endings
a) O,iste,e,imos,ieron b) Iste,o,e,ieron,imos c) E,iste,o,imos,eron d) O,imos,ieron,e,iste
What are the twin verbs
a) Ser / ir b) Dar / ser c) Ir / ver d) Hacer / ser
Irregular preterite stem verbs don't have what
a) Stems b) Accents c) Singular endings d) Preterite stems
What are five forms of dar
a) Die, diste,dio,dimos,deron b) Di,diste,dio,dimos,deron c) Di,diste,dio,dimos,dieron d) Dio,dist,di,dimos,dieron
O changes to what
a) E b) Ou c) i d) U
E changes to what
a) ie b) i c) Ou d) A
Ir stem changing verbs only change in what person or form
a) Third b) Nosotros c) Yo d) Tú
Accent the _ or change to _
a) y / i b) E/ i c) O / e d) i / y
Car gar zar verbs only change in what form
a) Ellas b) Tú c) Yo d) Usted
Poner homages to what
a) Pud b) Pon c) Pus d) Pes
What does saber change to
a) Sup b) Sip c) Sep d) Sap
What does venir change to
a) Van b) Vin c) Ven d) Von
What does decir change to
a) Dec b) Dic c) Dij d) Dej
What does traer change to
a) Tra b) Trae c) Traj d) Traij
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