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An idividual with the genotype XbY, would look like this in a pedigree.
a) a circle that is shaded in. b) a square that is shaded in c) a circle that is unshaded d) a square that is unshaded
In a pedigree, a circle represents...
a) a male b) a female c) a child d) a mutation
In a pedigree, a shaded in shape represents...
a) a child b) an offspring c) an affected individual d) a normal individual
In a pedigree, and unshaded shape represents...
a) an affected individual b) a normal individual c) an offspring d) a parent
In a pedigree, a square represents...
a) a male b) a female c) a child d) a mutation
Which on is NOT true of Autosomal mutations?
a) A mutation that is passed on by the sex-cells b) Skin cancer is an example of one. c) A mutation of the body(somatic) cells. d) Affect the parent but not the offspring
Which one is NOT true of a Germline mutation?
a) All X-linked mutations are Germline mutations b) Parent is not affected but offspring is. c) Mutation is passed on through sex-cells d) Body(somatic) cells are mutated
What is a pedigree?
a) A tool used by geneticists to predict the ratio of possible phenotypes in the offspring. b) A photomicrograph of the chromosomes of a human. c) A chart or diagram used to trace inheritance patterns in a family. d) All of the above
Which one is NOT true of 'Sex-Determination'?
a) The X and Y chromosomes decide the gender. b) It is an 'X-Linked' Trait c) XX= Female and XY=male d) There is 50/50 chance of producing either gender.
Which one is NOT true of 'X-Linked' traits?
a) Passed on by the X-chromosome b) Can be dominant or recessive. c) Most likely to affect males d) Are cancelled by Y-linked traits
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