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Because of the statement in the will about the murder of Mr. Westing, each heir was under much ___________.
a) scrutiny b) appraised c) incompetence d) morbid
Grace Wexler throught that she was displaying _______ when she shook Judge Ford's hand.
a) relinquish b) liberalism c) scrutiny d) incompetence
I find it hard to believe that you enjoy watching such ____ and terrifying movies.
a) morbid b) imcompetence c) appraised d) audible
We were careful not to stare at the _______________chlid in the wheelchair.
a) convulsions b) liberalism c) relinquish d) afflicted
Chirs was not able to control his __________ when they occureed.
a) imcompetence b) scrutiny c) convulsions d) trousseau
You will have to read louder as you are barely ___________.
a) afflicted b) audible c) morbid d) appraised
The Jewish people were forced to ____________ their home and business during the Holocaust.
a) appraised b) imcompetence c) afflicted d) relinquish
Cindy and her mother went to New York to buy Cindy's ____ for her honeymoon.
a) trousseau b) audible c) liberalism d) appraised
You will have to get this ring __________ before you can have it insured
a) convulsions b) appraised c) scrutiny d) afflicted
Judge Ford felt that Edgar Plum displayed much _________________ in her courtroom ad he bungled his cases..
a) scrutiny b) liberalism c) incompetence d) morbid
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