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We came to a(n) ________ stop when the traffic light suddenly changed.
a) accelerate b) abrupt c) hesistant d) incredulous
The fly search frantically for a way to escape the ________ of the spider’s web.
a) snare b) prowess c) tamper d) eternal
I could tell that she had recently left the room because there was a ________ scent of her perfume in the air.
a) gaudy b) quench c) subtle d) sullen
The seventh graders had so much ________ that they didn’t even care if they went to summer school.
a) apathy b) mirth c) braggart d) shirk
The teacher began to ________ at the student that came in late without a pencil.
a) wrath b) rant c) vindictive d) impervious
The sheriff was recently arrested for being ________ . He took bribes and committed other illegal acts.
a) casual b) covet c) corrupt d) illiterate
After the third day on the lifeboat John ________ the bottle of water his shipmate was hoarding.
a) vindictive b) coveted c) feud d) nomadic
When the quarterback was injured the team felt the ________ left by their star player.
a) tragedy b) status c) void d) emblem
I hope Cameron cleans her room. She already ________ her other chores.
a) shirked b) emboldened c) sham d) negligent
The child ________ his mother to buy him a toy at Wal-Mart.
a) maternal b) inundated c) implored d) oration
What is asynonym for abnormal?
a) unique b) overcrowded c) hate d) showoff
What is a synonym for conjure?
a) symbol b) summon c) home d) smart
What is a synonym for ajar
a) unique b) showoff c) unknown d) open
What is a synonym for braggart?
a) hate b) symbol c) showoff d) summon
What is a synonym for anonymous?
a) unknown b) unique c) smart d) summon
What is a synonym for canny?
a) overcrowded b) hate c) unique d) smart
What is a synonym for abode?
a) home b) smart c) open d) symbol
What is a synonym for emblem?
a) unique b) symbol c) smart d) summon
What is a synonym for congested?
a) overcrowded b) hate c) unique d) showoff
What is a synonym for loath
a) unknown b) home c) smart d) hate
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