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Sugar is __________
a) sweet b) foods c) juice d) grow
Sugar is in many _________we eat.
a) sweet b) juicy c) foods d) ice cream
Sugar comes from sugar ________.
a) cut b) cake c) hot d) cane
Sugar cane ___________where it is hot.
a) sweet b) grows c) boiled d) cut
Sugar cane can grow to be ____feet tall.
a) 2 b) 3 c) 10 d) 25
Sugar cane is _________.
a) where b) foods c) juice d) cut
The ______is boiled.
a) juice b) foods c) cane d) sweet
Cakes, cookies and ice cream ____________sugar.
a) contain b) hot c) where d) sugar
a) cold b) hot c) good d) bad
a) cake b) juice c) juicy d) boiled
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