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What is unique about the crime of treason?
a) It is the only crime that applies at the national and state level? b) It is the only crime listed in the Constitution c) It is the only crime that carries the death penalty d) It is not a crime during wartime
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the state?
a) government b) population c) sovereignty d) military
What do we call the right to vote?
a) suffrage b) constituency c) gerrymandering d) filibuster
What type of government do we have in the United States?
a) Autocracy b) Oligarchy c) Direct Democracy d) Republic
Which theory states that God granted a ruler power?
a) Force b) Divine Right c) Evolutionary d) Social Contract
Which of the following is NOT a formal requirement to be president?
a) 35 years old b) natural born citizen c) college educated d) live in the US for 14 years
What is the purpose of congressional committees?
a) to divide up the workload b) to slow down the legislative process c) to ensure the president knows whats going on d) to lessen the power of the majority party
Which of the following demonstrates a filibuster?
a) Senator Adams leaves the Senate just before voting begins b) Representative Clark puts a bill at the bottom of the agenda c) Representative Myers encourages people from his party to support his bill d) Senator Sweeney talks before voting on a bill to prevent a vote on the bill
Which of the following is NOT a special power of the Senate?
a) filibuster b) create a tax bill c) hold an impeachment trial d) confirm presidential appointments
Who has sovereignty in a dictatorship?
a) the people b) the court system c) the rulers d) no one
What is the purpose of a political action committee? (PAC)
a) to vote for favored policy b) to provide campaign funds for favored candidates c) to ensure the president does not abuse his power d) to provide information to politicians
What do we call media that is used to influence people's political beliefs?
a) propaganda b) filibuster c) gerrymandering d) cloture
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