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When the president deploys troops to Afghanistan which role is he employing?
a) chief citizen b) chief executive c) commander in chief d) chief diplomat
When the president negotiates treaties with other countries which role is he employing?
a) chief of state b) commander in chief c) chief legislator d) chief diplomat
Which of the following is a common criticism of the Electoral College?
a) You can win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College vote b) Small states do not have enough say in choosing the president c) Each state has an equal number of electors for each state, no matter the size of the state d) Elections are to frequent
What is the minimum number of electoral votes needed to become president?
a) 3 b) 100 c) 270 d) 435
How are Supreme Court Justices chosen?
a) They are elected every other year b) They are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate c) They are appointed by the House of Representatives and confirmed by the Senate d) They are chosen by state legislatures
What is the majority opinion of the Supreme Court?
a) The opinion issued by the chief justice b) The opinion favored by the people c) The winning opinion that sets a precedent d) The opinion favored by the president
For how long do Supreme Court Justices serve?
a) 2 years b) 4 years c) 6 years d) For life with good behavior
Which freedom is NOT protected by the 5th amendment?
a) Due process b) Right to free speech c) Eminent Domain d) Right against self incrimination
What right does the free exercise clause protect?
a) right to say what you want b) right to work where you want to work c) right to practice whatever religion you choose d) right to move about freely
What does the exclusionary rule say?
a) If police obtain evidence illegally it cannot be used in court b) felons cannot vote c) you cannot be tried for the same crime twice d) presidents do not have to follow laws passed by Congress
Which of the following shows an example of double jeopardy
a) Bill is arrested for robbing a store 5 months after the crime occured b) Mary is found not guilty of murder but the judge still believes she is guilty and orders another trial c) Roscoe is given 2 life sentences for 2 different crimes d) Dustin serves 2 years in jail, and while on probation he is re-arrested for a new crime and is sent back to jail
Which right is NOT protected by the 1st Amendment?
a) Freedom of the press b) Right to petition the government c) Right of peaceful assembly d) Right to an attorney
What was the precedent set by Gideon v. Wainwright?
a) Everyone that is detained by the police must be read their rights b) Everyone, no matter the crime, has the right to a lawyer c) The constitution implies a right to privacy d) Segregation on the basis of race is unconstitutional
What is the Lemon Test used to determine?
a) If tax dollars can be used for religious schools b) If a law violates the constitution c) If speech is considered profane or dangerous d) If a religion is a valid religion that can qualify for governmental protection
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