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how does publisher help the user to align objects neatly on the page
a) gridlines b) page orientation c) font size d) format
there is more than one way to add text to a shape
a) true b) false c) bob d) larry
to make text fit into a text box, which of these would not help?
a) increase the font size b) decrease font size c) change line spacing to single space d) change paragraph spacing to 0 pt
you can insert guides in your document by clicking on the margin and dragging
a) false b) true c) maybe d) dunno
a text box can be inserted by the home and insert tabs in publisher
a) true b) false c) butter pecan d) moose tracks
to change the appearance of text or objects (font, color, size, etc…)
a) format b) change c) alter d) edit
to revise or correct a document
a) edit b) boogers c) macaroni and cheese d) style
A document made public such as a brochure, newsletter or magazine
a) publication b) newspaper c) process d) presentation
Using a computer to design and produce publications that combine text and graphics
a) desktop publishing b) word processing c) presentation software d) database mining
which of the following is not an option under shape fill
a) illustration b) picture c) gradient d) pattern
under which tab is shape fill located?
a) format b) insert c) review d) page design
what are the bubbles called that allow you to change the size of your shape
a) sizing handles b) blobs c) draggers d) thingies
what is the shortcut for copy?
a) ctrl c b) ctrl v c) ctrl p d) shift+ctrl+copy
under which tab is spell check located?
a) review b) page design c) mailings d) letters
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