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Why is Sunset Towers unusual?
a) It faces east and has no towers b) It faces west and has no towers c) It was built overnight d) No one knows who built it
How could you describe Barney Northrup?
a) An unusual delivery man b) A restaurant owner c) A suspicious salesman d) An old man
Who finds Mr. Westing?
a) Turtle b) Doug Hoo c) Sandy McSouthers d) Sydelle Pulaski
Who is in a wheel chair and enjoys watching birds?
a) Chris Theodorakis b) Theo Theodorakis c) Doug Hoo d) Grace Wexler
Who is described as a brat?
a) Grace Wexler b) Turtle Wexler c) Angela Wexler d) Judge J. J. Ford
Why were sixteen people asked to go to the south library of the Westing mansion?
a) A haunted house ride for Halloween b) To visit a new apartment building c) To visit the Westing mansion for tea d) The reading of the will of Mr. Westing
Who doesn't feel noticed by anybody?
a) Sandy McSouthers b) Turtle c) Sydelle Pulaski d) Ms. Baumbauch
Who is getting married?
a) Grace Wexler b) Sydelle Pulaski c) Ms. Baumbauch d) Angela Wexler
Who finds Mr. Wexler's body?
a) Doug Hoo b) Turtle c) Sydelle Pulaski d) Sandy McSouthers
What is a beneficiary?
a) A person who inherits something from a will b) A person who is rich c) Someone who is really fancy d) A person who likes to travel
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