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combination of other economic systems
a) mixed economy b) blended economy c) traditional economy d) supply economy
business owners decide what goods to make and sell
a) command economy b) traditional economy c) market economy d) supply economy
economy in which the government makes the economic decisions
a) command economy b) market economy c) suppy d) traditional economy
economy based on customs and habits of the past
a) market economy b) mixed economy c) traditional economy d) command economy
amount of goods available
a) economy b) supply c) demand d) market
money used in a particular country to buy goods and services
a) embargo b) economics c) supply d) currency
the study of the production, distribution, and use of goods and services
a) gross domestic product b) currency c) trade barrier d) economics
total value of all the goods and services produced in a country in one year
a) gross domestic product b) traditional economy c) market economy d) currency
all modern countries have this type of economic system
a) market economy b) government economy c) traditional economy d) mixed economy
how many consumers want the goods
a) currency b) tariff c) supply d) demand
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