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the closing or wrap-up
a) conclusion b) observe c) sustain d) consistency
pay close attention to
a) consistency b) conclusion c) sustain d) observe
endure or withstand
a) observe b) sustain c) conclusion d) consistency
agreement or sameness
a) consistency b) sustain c) observe d) conclusion
the antonym of marketer or seller
a) consumer b) reaction c) catalyst d) preparation
the antonym of block or prevent
a) catalyst b) reaction c) preparation d) consumer
the antonym of cause
a) preparation b) consumer c) catalyst d) reaction
the antonym of unreadiness
a) preparation b) reaction c) consumer d) catalyst
the antonym of put together
a) assemble b) reaction c) disassemble d) preparation
separate or how many times something goes into another
a) multiplication b) preparation c) division d) reaction
a synonym of subtract
a) product b) less c) each d) quotient
a synonym of subtract
a) decrease b) sum c) factor d) each
a synonym of subtract
a) group b) equals c) take away d) multiply
a synonym of subtract
a) division b) addition c) sum d) difference
a synonym of subtract
a) product b) deduct c) sum d) equals
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