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The attraction of water molecules to other materials through hydrogen bonding is called cohesion.
a) True b) False c) d)
Water that falls from the atmosphere is known as?
a) Evaporation b) Perspiration c) Transpiration d) Precipitation
What is the energy that drives the water cycle?
a) Solar b) Lunar c) Heat d) Kenetic
The ozone layer protects us from _________
a) Heat b) Radiation c) Toxins d) Glare
Power plants and cars cause lots of _____
a) Land Pollution b) Water Pollution c) Acid Rain d) Air Pollution
One way to cut waste is to but matterials that are ____
a) Recyclable b) Clean c) Attractive d) Cheap
What are the three R's for considering conservation?
a) replace, reuse, recycle b) Recycle, respect, replace c) Reduce reuse recycle d) respect reuse rest
Which statement is not true about acid rain?
a) Acid rain puts nutrients back into the ground b) Acid rain can harm aquatic animals c) Acid rain can kill crops of trees d) Acid rain can be caused by power plants that put out a lot of harmful toxins
When a natural resource cannot be used up it is known as...
a) Renewable b) Natural Resource c) Fossil Fuels d) Solar Power
Maria is studding methods of ________ in which a less amount of natural resources can be used inorder to save the resources that we have.
a) Reducing b) Reusing c) Mass wasting d) Conservation
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