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Why did the Texans “remember the Alamo” in their fight for independence?
a) Texans wanted to remember their friends who died at the Alamo. b) The Texans won the Alamo c) d)
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?
a) Francis Scott Key b) Abraham Lincoln c) d)
What was the forced removal of the Cherokee to lands west of the Mississippi River called?
a) Trail of Tears b) Trail of Broken Promises c) d)
What did Dolly Madison save when the British burnt the President’s House?
a) books at the Library of Congress b) George Washington's Portrait c) d)
What building did the British burn in Washington D.C. during the War of 1812?
a) Lincoln Memorial b) The President's House c) d)
What Shoshone woman guided Lewis and Clark on their expedition of the Louisiana territory?
a) Sacajawea b) York c) d)
Who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln?
a) John Wilkes Booth b) Jefferson Davis c) d)
What finally ended slavery in the United States?
a) The Emancipation Proclamation b) The Thirteenth Amendment c) d)
What was Lincoln doing when he was assassinated?
a) Working at the White House b) Watching a play at Ford’s Theatre. c) d)
What did the Southern states call their new nation?
a) The New American Nation. b) The Confederate States of America. c) d)
What was Reconstruction?
a) Rebuilding the South and putting the country back together. b) Building homes in the South for freed slaves. c) d)
Which was a cause of the American Civil War?
a) Problems with foreign countries. b) Spread of slavery c) d)
What was the name of the war over Texas?
a) Mexican American War b) War of 1812 c) d)
What famous speech did Abraham Lincoln give?
a) The Declaration of Independence b) Gettysburg Address c) d)
Lewis and Clark gathered a lot of information about the Louisiana territory. What were they looking for?
a) two hundred new species of plants and animals b) a water route to the Pacific Ocean c) d)
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