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What does NCLB Stand For?
a) No Child Left Behind b) Nice Classes Love Breaks c) No Cheese Lettuce or Buns d)
What is AYP?
a) Awesome Yams Please b) Adequate Yearly Progress c) Adequate Yearly Promise d)
Main focus of NCLB?
a) Accountability b) To be a joy to work with c) Achievement levels d) Both A and D
How many days do teachers work?
a) 360 b) 180 c) 155 d) 160
What are NCLB's Principles?
a) Accountability for results, Emphasis on doing what works based on scientific research b) More choices for parents c) Greater local control and flexibility d) all of the above
What holiday do teachers not have off?
a) Christmas b) Veterans Day c) Thanksgiving d) Oh wait we have All of those off!
What president put NCLB into effect?
a) Obama b) Lincoln c) Bush d) Carbone
What year was NCLB put into effect?
a) 1999 b) 2009 c) 2004 d) 2002
Requirements for AYP
a) a turkey b) A reliable accountability system c) decrease in HS graduates d) speradic preformance
According to some people NCLB
a) Increases funding b) Has a demand for highly qualified teachers c) Hold schools accountable d) all of the above
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