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What is the distance called from one crest to the next crest?
a) transverse b) longitudinal c) wave length d) trough
What is the distance called a medium moves above or below it's position at rest?
a) Amplitude b) Wave length c) trough d) crest
What is a trough?
a) toothpaste b) middle part of the wave c) the top par to f the wave d) the bottom part of the wave
What is a crest?
a) the low part of the wave b) the middle part of the way c) The top (highest) part of the wave d) toothpaste
What transfers energy from one place to another?
a) wave b) medium c) trough d) crest
The substance waves move through
a) water b) air c) medium d) space
A cell phone uses what kind of waves
a) radio waves b) light waves c) sound waves d) gamma waves
A high frequency is shown by wavelengths that are
a) short b) far apart c) tall d) close together
A high amplitude produces a ___________ sound.
a) quiet b) high c) low d) loud
Which can we see?
a) visible light rays b) x-rays c) gamma rays d) ultra-violet rays
Which is a sound wave
a) longitudinal waves b) loud waves c) transverse waves d) the wave
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