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What is the name of the era in Europe after the fall of the Roman empire?
a) Golden Ages b) Middle Ages c) d)
In what ancient civilization was the coliseum and aqueducts built?
a) b) c) Greece d) Rome
Who was the famous emperor of Rome that extended the empire across Europe and Africa?
a) Julius Caesar b) Ramses II c) d)
What is the name of the two great city-states of ancient Greece?
a) Sparta and Athens b) c) d) Sparta and Troy
In what ancient civilization was “Democracy” created?
a) Greece b) Egypt c) d)
What is the name of a ruler in ancient Egypt?
a) Pharaoh b) Emperor c) d)
In what country is the Nile River?
a) b) Egypt c) d) Rome
On what continent was the first human found?
a) Africa b) Asia c) d)
What does “Mesopotamia” mean?
a) b) c) Land between two rivers d) Land between two mountains
In what ancient civilization were the Great Pyramids built?
a) b) Egypt c) Greece d)
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