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A green plant is also called
a) Producer b) Decomposser c) Salad d) Photosynthetic
What organism listed below is a producer?
a) Grass b) Deer c) Buzzard d) All are producers
An example of a consumer in a pond ecosystem is a
a) Reed b) Algae c) Water Lily d) Frog
What is the original source of energy for a food web?
a) Decomposers b) Oak tree c) Sunlight d) Mice
What kind of organism is sometimes considered a primary consumer and other times considered a secondary consumer?
a) Herbivoer b) Omnivore c) Carnivore d) Producer
Which organism is a herbivore?
a) bacteria b) mouse c) smake d) salamander
How do animals living in ecosystems on land depend on plants for survival?
a) Plants use sunlight to make their own food b) Plants release carbon dioxide into the air c) Plants make up the land that we walk on d) Plants create energy that animals use
A large geographic area with similar climate and similar biotic features is ...
a) Ecosystem b) Habitat c) Population d) Biome
Series of organisms that depend on the next as a source of food are known as a food chain
a) true b) false c) d)
The tropical rain forest has the highest biodiversity
a) true b) false c) d)
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