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The physical world is a creation of the Demurge
a) Arianism b) Gnosticism c) Pelagianism d) Montanism
Consubstanial with the father
a) Arianism b) Montanism c) Gnosticism d) Pelagianism
For us and our salvation goes against
a) Arianism b) Montnaism c) Pelagianism d) Gnosticism
The father alone is God
a) Arianism b) Gnosticism c) Pelagianism d) Montanism
The Cappadocian fathers fought
a) Arianism b) Gnosticism c) Montanism d) Pelagianism
No need for gods grace to be saved
a) Arianism b) Gnosticism c) Pelaginism d) Montanism
Who defended God as a Holy Trinity against Arianism
a) Gregory of Nyssa b) Ingatius of Antoich c) Basil the Great d) Augustine of Hippo
According to the church the trinity is one
a) Person b) Spirit c) Essence d) Word
Which of the following means with the son
a) Theotokos b) Filioque c) Homoousios d) None of the previous
Which of the following is not a Cappadocian Father
a) Gregory of Nyssa b) Gregory of Nazianzen c) Ignatius of Antioch d) Basil the Great
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