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What are the goverments of north and south korea today?
a) Monarchy, democracy b) Communist, democracy c) d)
What is japans land mostly and what is its highest mountain?
a) Plains, Mt. fuji b) Plains, Mt. everest c) rugged, Mt. Fuji d) rugged, Mt. everest
Who took power from the emperors in japan?
a) Samurais b) Shoguns c) Korea d) china
What was japan's main religion?
a) Christainity b) Hinduism c) Buddhism d) Islam
What is a shogun?
a) A highly trained military officer. b) A highly trained warrior. c) A man from korea d) The leader of japan today.
What does japan do mostly today?
a) Imports b) Exports c) d)
Who rules Japan today?
a) The emperor b) The diet c) The prime minister and diet d)
Why did Korea split?
a) Because they hated each other. b) Because they had different views on how they should govern. c) d)
Where is the demilitarized zone?
a) In between north korea and south korea. b) In north korea. c) In south korea. d)
Which of the three countries are rich in minerals?
a) South korea b) Japan c) North korea d)
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