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What is a characteristic of sedimentary rock?
a) forms in layers b) look very shiny c) contains crystals d) forms from magma
How do volcanoes help build up new land?
a) By adding water vapor to the atmosphere b) By adding gases to the atmosphere c) By adding lava to Earth's surface d) None of these
A student sorted mineral samples into two groups: dull and shiny. Which of the following properties did the students use to sort the mineral samples into groups?
a) cleavage b) color c) luster d) streak
Which of these is a renewable resource?
a) Tree b) Coal c) Oil d) Wind
Water evaporating from the surface of a lake moves from the
a) atmosphere to the geopshere b) geosphere to the hydrosphere c) hydrosphere to the atmosphere d) atmosphere to the hydrosphere
Crista brought home a piece of cooled and hardened lava from her vacation. Which of these is another name for the type of rock she brought home?
a) Igneous b) Magma c) Metamorphic d) Sedimentary
Which material is a mineral?
a) Diamond b) Fossil c) Shale d) Silt
Which structure is contained in the hydrosphere?
a) Cloud b) Lakes c) Rocks d) Trees
Where is most of Earth's freshwater?
a) In the ground b) In the atmosphere c) In lakes and rivers d) In glaciers and icecaps
In which layer of Earth can a garden and rocks be Found?
a) Exosphere b) Hydrosphere c) Lithosphere d) Stratosphere
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