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The distance traveled by an object per unit time is called?
a) gravity b) speed c) momentum d) acceleration
Find the speed of an object that covers 400 kilometers in 5 hours.
a) 40 kilometers/hour b) 80 Kilometers/hour c) 2000 kilometers/hour d) 800 kilometers/hour
Velocity is
a) The same as speed b) the same as acceleration c) speed in a specific direction d) the same as momentum
Motion is
a) increase in speed of an object b) a decrease in the speed of an object c) the stopping of an object relative to a frame of reference d) a change in position relative to a frame of reference
Acceleration is the
a) rate of change in momentum b) rate of change in speed c) rate of change in velocity d) amount of time needed for an object to reach is its destination
Deceleration is the ?
a) negative velocity b) negative acceleration c) negative speed d) negative density
What is the acceleration of an object that takes 20 seconds to change from a speed of 200 meters/second t0 300 meters/second
a) 5 meters/second b) 5 meters/second/second c) 100 meters/ second d) 100 meters/second/second
The object or point from which movement is determined is called?
a) terminal velocity b) motion c) momentum d) frame of reference
Movement can be measured only with reference to something that?
a) is assumed to be fixed in place b) moves in the same direction c) moves in the opposite direction d) does not move at all
Is where forces are opposite and equal?
a) balanced b) inertia c) unbalanced d) net force
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