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Egg and sperm are created by
a) meiosis and contain half the number of chromosomes b) mitosis and contain half number of chromososmes c) meiosis and contain full number of chromosomes d) mitosis and contain half number of chomosomes
In which female structure does fertilization occur?
a) fallopian tubes b) ovary c) uterus d) testies
Where do sperm form?
a) testies b) overies c) vas defens d) penis
Where does a fetus develop?
a) uterus b) fallopian tubes c) ovary d) belly
Infertility can be caused by all of the following except
a) ectopic pregnancies b) STD c) low sperm count d) inablity to ovulate
The process of ovulation in humans
a) removes an unfertilized egg from the female body b) begins at puberty c) occurs several times a month d) moves an egg from the uterus to the ovary
After 8 weeks the the developing human is called
a) fetus b) embryo c) baby d) infant
A cell created when a sperm fertilizes and egg is called ___
a) zygote b) fetus c) infant d) alien from outter space
in salmon usually reproduction occurs_____ and develpment occurs__________
a) externally, externally b) internally, internally c) externally, internally d) internally, externally
Fraternal twins
a) form from two eggs that are fertilized by two differnt sperm b) form when one egg and one sperm divide into two embryos c) when a stork brings 2 babies at the same time to new parents d) have the same DNA
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