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A measurement standard is defined as
a) a system of prefixes b) the distance between two points c) the exact quantity people agree to use for comparison d) the interval between two events
the prefix kilo- means
a) 1,000 b) 100 c) 0.01 d) 0.001
The prefix milli- means
a) 1,000 b) 100 c) 0.01 d) 0.001
The SI unit that is used to measure time is the
a) kelvin b) kilogram c) second d) meter
The variable plotted on the horizontal or x-axis is called the
a) dependent variable b) independent variable c) variable with largest range d) variable with the smallest range
The best type of graph to use to show how some fixed quanity is broken down into parts is
a) bar graph b) line graph c) circle graph d) scatter graph
The lightbulb is an example of
a) a dependent variable b) an exercise c) pure science d) technology
A rule or principle that describes what happens in nature is a
a) hypothesis b) problem c) scientific law d) theory
A factor that does not change in an experiment is the
a) constant b) control c) dependent variable d) hypothesis
When designing an experiment, the first step is to
a) analyze the data b) list a procedure c) state a hypothesis d) state the problem
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