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Which pair of words exemplify slant rhyme?
a) Evil, devil b) Turning, burning c) Lenore, nevermore d) Remember, December
What does the Raven represent in the poem?
a) Death b) Sin c) The pain of losing Lenore d) A bird
Which lines in every stanza use repetition?
a) 1st and 2nd b) 3rd and 4th c) 2nd and 4th d) 4th and 5th
What does a raven symbolize in Christian cultures?
a) Sin, devil, death b) Omen c) Wisdom d) Thought and Memory
What is the major symbol in The Raven?
a) The bust of Pallas b) The door c) The dying embers d) The raven
What does respite mean?
a) An end b) Temporary relief c) Appearance d) Felt surprised
What does placid mean?
a) Deceiving b) Sinister c) Temporary relief d) Peaceful
What does marveled mean?
a) Felt surprised b) Unattractive c) Peaceful d) Sinister
What does mien mean?
a) An end b) Appearance c) Sinister d) Deceiving
What does ungainly mean?
a) Peaceful b) Appearance c) Deceiving d) Ungraceful, awkward
What does beguiling mean?
a) Sinister b) Unattractive c) Deceiving d) Peaceful
What does surcease mean?
a) An end b) Unattractive c) Appearance d) Deceiving
What does ominous mean?
a) Unattractive b) Peaceful c) Sinister d) Felt surprised
What does the Raven represent in Greek and Roman cultures?
a) Sin, devil, death b) Omen c) A bird d) Wisdom
What does the raven have in common with what it symbolizes?
a) Neither will ever leave the speaker. b) Both are black. c) Nobody likes either of them. d) They both remind the reader of death.
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