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This is a type of sculpture that depicts the human form.
a) Figurative b) Armature c) Abstract d) Assemblage
This is an inner support for a sculpture, much like a skeleton.
a) Maquette b) Fibula c) Armature d) Relief
This is the act hammering metal to change its shape and strength.
a) Bench Harden b) Forge c) Plane d) Gauge
This is the measurement of the thickness of wire.
a) Forge b) Mass c) Plane d) Gauge
This is how visual weight is distributed in a sculpture.
a) Proportion b) Movement c) Balance d) Repetition
A flat surface that usually aligns with an axis.
a) Relief b) Plane c) Mold d) Maquette
A small model of a sculpture
a) Maquette b) Armature c) Fibula d) Amphora
A symmetrical Greek pot used for storage.
a) Lekythos b) Krater c) Amphora d) Maquette
This type of sculpture expresses emotions rather than show a specific subject matter.
a) Assemblage b) Lekythos c) Organic d) Abstract Expressionism
A process of sculpture in which many small pieces are put together.
a) Assemblage b) Proportion c) Mass d) Fibula
This is how parts of a sculpture relate to one another.
a) Subject b) Proportion c) Texture d) Assemblage
A three-dimensional element.
a) Sculpture b) Subject c) Armature d) Form
Filled visual space within a work of art or areas to which the viewer's eye is drawn.
a) Proportion b) Movement c) Visual Weight d) Mass
The way a viewer's eye moves through a work of art.
a) Form b) Movement c) Proportion d) Relief
A sculpture created by carving or building up material on a flat surface.
a) Relief b) Free-Standing c) Fibula d) Maquette
The content of a work of art.
a) Proportion b) Armature c) Subject d) Form
The look or feel of the surface of a sculpture.
a) Texture b) Gauge c) Mass d) Visual Weight
This type of sculpture uses free-flowing, curvaceous forms.
a) Maquette b) Hydria c) Free-Standing d) Organic
This is a way to create rhythm and movement in a work of art.
a) Proportion b) Repetition c) Assemblage d) Balance
A three-handled Greek pot used to collect water.
a) Hydria b) Krater c) Amphora d) Lekythos
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