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Which epidermal stratum is present only on the palms of hands and soles of feet?
a) granulosum b) corneum c) lucidum d) basale
Which sterile device will be used during TRAM flap reconstruction to verify the blood supply of the graft remains intact?
a) manometer b) stethoscope c) Doppler probe d) pulse oximeter
What is the term for webbed digits of the hand or foot?
a) syndactyly b) contracture c) polydactyly d) dermachalasis
The dermis and epidermis are components of which body system?
a) cardiovascular b) integumentary c) musculoskeletal d) respiratory
Which type of gland is found only in the ear canal and is responsible for creation of ear wax?
a) ceruminous b) apocrine c) merocrine d) sebaceous
Which cosmetic procedure is performed for micrognathia?
a) blepharoplasty b) otoplasty c) abdominoplasty d) mentoplasty
Cupid's bow is reconstructed in which of the following procedures?
a) syndactyly release b) nipple recreation c) malar implants d) cleft lip repair
Which procedure is performed for dermachalasis?
a) otoplasty b) mentoplasty c) abdominoplasty d) blepharoplasty
For which procedure would the surgeon require a sterile tattoo machine and inks?
a) endoscopic brow lift b) nipple reconstruction c) cleft lip repair d) reduction mammoplasty
Which cranial nerve must NOT be compromised by retractor placement during rhytidectomy?
a) seventh (VII) b) fifth (V) c) sixth (VI) d) eighth (VIII)
Which glands are found only in the external genitalia and axillae?
a) merocrine b) apocrine c) sebaceous d) ceruminous
When would a congenital facial deformity likely occur?
a) second trimester b) first trimester c) at conception d) third trimester
Which type of suture would MOST likely be used during a cleft lip repair?
a) heavy absorbable b) fine absorbable c) heavy nonabsorbable d) fine nonabsorbable
What does a mesh graft device do?
a) It smoothes the skin graft to prevent bunching up. b) It attaches a skin graft to the donor site. c) It expands the size of the skin graft. d) It slices a split thickness of donor skin.
Which type of scissors would most likely be used to trim a full-thickness skin graft (FTSG) to size?
a) bandage b) tenotomy c) Jorgenson d) reverse Potts
What is the name of the oil that is secreted from glands in the skin?
a) rhytidectomy b) rhinoplasty c) blepharoplasty d) mastopexy
Crescent, Benelli, and Benelli-lollipop lifts are techniques used during:
a) septum b) stratum c) sputum d) sebum
Any of the following may be used topically for hemostasis of the STSG donor site EXCEPT:
a) phenylephrine b) mineral oil c) epinephrine d) thrombin
Why would two separate setups be required for an immediate reconstruction following mastectomy?
a) to prevent potential for retained foreign objects in the wounds b) to prevent confusion because multiple surgeons will work simultaneously c) to prevent seeding of cancer cells if same instruments are used for both d) to prevent overcrowding of the back table with multiple trays
Which anatomical area is a TRAM flap used to reconstruct?
a) lip b) hand c) palate d) breast
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