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Which one of these is NOT a property
a) Smell b) Texture c) Solubility d) Solvent
The material that falls out of the water when a chemical reaction occurs is called…
a) Rain b) Solution c) Chalk d) Precipitate
Which solution has the most concentration?
a) 1 spoon in 1000 ml of water b) 2 spoons in 1000 ml of water c) 2 spoons in 500 ml of water d) 3 spoons in 1000 ml of water
Which material below is a solvent?
a) Sand b) Evaporation c) Citric Acid d) Vinegar
What best described when a material
a) It evaoprated b) It dissolved c) It changes color d) It became saturated
How can you tell which solution is more concentrated when they look the same and have the same volume?
a) Use a thermometer to test temperatures b) Use a balance to see which is the heaviest c) Taste the mystery solution d) Put your finger in the mystery solution
How could you make a more concentrated solution?
a) Add more solvent b) Pour out some of the solution c) Put the solution in the refrigerator d) Add more solute
Which method would be best for separating citric acid and water
a) evaporation b) chromotography c) filtering through a coffee filter d) floatation
A liquid used to dissolve a solute is called a __________________.
a) solvent b) solution c) solubility d) solute
Which factor will NOT cause a solute to dissolve more quickly?
a) shaking b) stirring c) heating the water d) adding ice to the water
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