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The process of digestion begins in your ___________.
a) mouth b) esophagus c) small intestine d) stomach
Trace minerals include copper and __________.
a) Iodine b) Calcium c) Phosphorus d) Sodium
Next to oxygen, _______________ is the most vital
a) water b) carbon c) fat d) calcium
A protein that breaks down large food molecules in your body so it can be absorbed is called a(n) _______________.
a) enzyme b) carbohydrates c) amino acids d) hydrochloric acid
____________________ are essential, organic nutrients that help your body regulate its functions, grow, and develop.
a) Vitamins b) Minerals c) Proteins d) Carbohydrates
Saturated fats, found in ____________, are believed to contribute to high cholesterol and heart disease.
a) red meats b) corn c) fish d) poultry
Starches are in foods such as potatoes and _____________.
a) grains b) eggs c) fruits d) leafy green vegetables
Milk, cheese, and ______________ contain ALL the essential amino acids.
a) eggs b) nuts c) leafy green veggies d) grains
Provides energy, insulation, and protection for the body.
a) Fats b) Carbohydrates c) Minerals d) Proteins
The amount of energy available in foods is measured in ____________.
a) Calories b) Amino Acids c) Nutrients d) Carbohydrates
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