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How are hunger and appetite different?
a) hunger is the body telling you that you're hungry and appetite is your brain telling you b) hunger is where your stomach growls and appetite is how much you eat c) hunger is what kind of food you eat and appetite is how much d) hunger is the brain telling you to eat and appetite is your body telling you
Finger-like projects in the small intestine
a) villi b) proteins c) peristalsis d) minerals
Enzyme-containing fluid in the mouth- breaks down starches
a) saliva b) villi c) amino acids d) proteins
Muscular contractions that move food
a) peristalsis b) villi c) mechanical digestion d) minerals
Breakdown of food by enzymes and acids so that it can be absorbed
a) chemical digestion b) mechanical digestion c) peristalsis d) villi
Main sources of energy; starches and sugars
a) carbohydrates b) proteins c) minerals d) saliva
Nutrients that repair and replace body cells
a) proteins b) carbohydrates c) minerals d) saliva
Makes up proteins
a) amino acids b) minerals c) carbohydrates d) saliva
Inorganic nutrients that you need to grow and develop properly.
a) minerals b) proteins c) carbohydrates d) saliva
Physical breakdown of food, as in chewing
a) mechanical digestion b) chemical digestion c) peristalsis d) villi
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