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Walter laughs when Travis says he wants to be a bus driver because Walter --
a) suggested the idea b) approves of the idea c) is amused by the idea d) is surprised by the idea
In lines 30-31, Walter refers to 'secretaries getting thinks wring the way they do' in order to --
a) make a joke about the incompetence of other people b) pretend he knows more about being an executive then he really does c) distract Travis from worrying about what he wants to be when he grows up d) make the life of a wealthy executive sound really difficult and unpleasant
As Walter describes his imaginary future, he pulls away from his son because he --
a) is talking to himself rather than to his son b) is looking for his wife so he can tell her his plans c) knows it is time to take care of his business transaction d) is tired from holding his ten-year-old son
Reread lines 37-40 from Walter's monologue. Walter imagines greeting the gardener as 'Jefferson' rather than 'Mr. Jefferson because in his dreams --
a) he and Jefferson are close friends b) he is in a higher social class than Jefferson c) he does not know Jefferson's first name d) 'Jefferson' is the gardener's first name
As the excerpt ends, the author communicates Walter's high hopes for his son by having Walter --
a) send his son to college b) order college catalogues c) reveal the details of his plan d) lift his son above his head
In the final stage directions in line 52, the word hysterical means --
a) uncontrolled b) energetic c) panicky d) weeping
From reading the passage, the reader can conclude that Mr. Younger is --
a) expectant that his life will improve b) pessimistic about his son's future c) embarrassed to be a bus driver d) frustrated with his wife's lack of faith in him
Based on line 34 of the passage what are 'white walls'?
a) a style of fabric for car interiors b) a type of paint job c) a kind of tire d) a garage
Which of the following statements best fits with how Mr. Younger is characterized in the passage's dialogue?
a) Hard work will take you anywhere you want to go b) Family is the most important thing in life c) Do your job well, whatever that job is d) Want great things. Dream big dreams.
What is the purpose of the paragraph under the title?
a) to introduce the characters in the story b) to inform the reader of the family's financial status c) to inform the reader about the setting of the story d) to translate the meaning of the words used in the story
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