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A student walks to school one morning and notices the grass is wet but the streets are dry. Which of these processes most likely caused the grass to be wet?
a) condensation b) erosion c) evaporation d) precipitation
In which of these ways can volcanoes help build up new land?
a) by adding heat to Earth's surface b) by adding gases to the atmosphere c) by adding lava to Earth's surface d) by adding water vapor to the atmosphere
Natural processes shape the surface of Earth. Most canyons are formed by
a) ice b) plants c) steady winds d) moving water
Which of the following is best classified as a nonrenewable resource?
a) grass b) aluminum c) sunlight d) oxygen
Which is a not cause of erosion?
a) heavy rains b) strong winds c) bright sunlight d) digging animals
Which of these can cause sharp, rough mountains to become rounded and smooth over time?
a) Wind and rain b) The sun's rays c) Light and darkness d) Earth's magnetic field
Some processes that shape Earth's surface are slow. Other processes are rapid. Which statement describes a rapid change?
a) Glaciers melt and form rivers b) wind weathers rocks into sand c) Earthquakes move land and rock d) Rivers carry sediment and build deltas
Which surface feature was made by a destructive process
a) mountain b) river delta c) sand dune d) river valley
Which of these occurs when Earth's crust slips at a fault line?
a) Tornadoes b) Earthquakes c) Snowstorms d) Water erosion
Which of the following can be caused by weathering?
a) cracks forming in a boulder b) rocks melting to form magma c) glaciers forming on a mountainside d) pebbles combining to form a large rock
All of the processes listed below cause changes in Earth's surface. Which of the following is the slowest to change Earth's surface?
a) earthquakes activity b) landslide c) volcanic eruption d) weathering
Deep within Earth, rocks are crushed and melted. Which of the following MOST LIKELY happens at this hot, melted rock comes to the surface of Earth?
a) Mudslide b) Earthquakes c) Mountain form d) Volcanoes erupt
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